(2023, Rocky Pond Books)

"A page turner... the farce builds beyond believable proportions... into moments of hilarity."

Publishers Weekly

"A playful celebration of the power of the imagination."

Books for Keeps, UK

“Agee's deadpan humor finds perfect expression in this absurd and funny story.”

Daily Mail, UK

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(2021, Dial Books for Young Readers)

"The Incredible Painting became an instant classic when it was first published in 1988. It's a brilliantly funny satire of the sycophantic fakery of the art world and a sly tribute to the explosive, unpredictable powers of real art... The surprise ending is so inspired and witty that it starts whole new possibilities ticking in the imagination."

Entertainment Weekly

ALA Notable Book
New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year
New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year
Redbook Top Ten Picturebook of the Year
The Horn Book, Fanfare 1989


(2019, Dial Books for Young Readers)

“Agee, an absurdist of long and beloved standing… knows how to build on and milk a fine premise. This is a very fine one… and Agee's cartoonish but deadpan watercolors strike just the right comic tone.”

The New York Times

"Absolutely delightful… This entertaining, engaging read makes the most impossible pets seem… well, possible."



(2018, Dial Books for Young Readers)
Publishers Weekly interview

"A timeless message, but also one that, in 2018, will surely strike a chord with many readers."

Starred/ Kirkus

"Agee nails pacing and punch lines, making inventive use of the famous fourth wall as a literary device. Most satisfying is his gentle reminder that preconceived notions about things and people, over a boundary or otherwise, are often distinctly wrong."

Starred/ Publishers Weekly

ALA Notable Book
New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice
New York Times Book Review Notable Books
Boston Globe Best Children's Books of the Year
Chicago Tribune Best Children's Books of 2018
Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2018
People Magazine Best Gift Books for Kids
Booklist Editors’ Choice
Irma Black Honor Book
Endorsed by Amnesty International
Prix Des Incorruptibles, France, 2021


(2017, Dial Books for Young Readers)
New York Times Facebook Live interview
Brightly interview

"Mission Success! Bursting with quiet wit and gorgeous Martian vistas. Simply masterful."

Starred/ Kirkus

"Agee, a master of the humorous picture book, offers lots of visual jokes here, including an especially delightful note that ends the tale. Sure to be a hit with beginning readers and storytime audiences alike."

Starred/ School Library Journal

"The humor continues through the very last page. Agee, with his unique and winning view of the world, never talks down to children and always asks readers to slow down and enjoy his take on what they might not otherwise see."

Starred/ The Horn Book

ALA Notable Book
A New York Times Editor's Choice
Junior Library Guild Selection
The Maryland Blue Crab Award


(2016, Dial Books for Young Readers)
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"A jubilant romp fit for a lion." Kirkus

"Agee...sets up a ridiculous situation with a straight face, approaching it with understated humor and leonine confidence."

Starred/ Publishers Weekly

"A roaring good selection for story time."

Starred/ School Library Journal

"...well-timed humor and pacing work seamlessly with the expressive art to create an outstanding read-aloud and a rewarding story."

Starred/ The Horn Book


Starred/ Booklist

Junior Library Guild Selection


(2015, Dial Books for Young Readers)

"Agee and his simple, droll watercolors return with a work that manages to be absurdist, alarming, and—just when you least expect it—poignant...Very strange, and very, very wonderful."

Starred/ Booklist

"Agee...shapes ridiculous developments into a tightly composed and satisfying picture book."

Starred/ Publishers Weekly

"Make sure your listeners have their seat belts fastened."

Starred/ Horn Book

Booklist Editor's Choice 2015
Washington Post Best of 2015
Miami Herald Best Books of 2015
Kansas City Star Best Books of 2015
Huffington Post Best Picture Books of 2015
News Tribune Best Books of 2015
News Observer Best Books of 2015
Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book
The 2016 Irma Black Award
Junior Library Guild Selection


(2013, Dial Books for Young Readers)
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Questions and more questions

"...set to become [a] perennial favorite."

The New York Times

"With perfectly reasoned logic, the text unfolds like a folk tale . . . a satisfying story that adults won't mind reading again and again."

Starred/ Kirkus

"This will be especially fine for holiday story hours. Make it a tradition!"

Starred/ Booklist

ALA Notable Book
CCBC Choice
Junior Library Guild Selection
USA Today Recommended Holiday Book
Columbus Dispatch Ten Best Seasonal Books
San Francisco Chronicle Featured Holiday Gift
Buffalo News Featured Holiday Book


(2012, Michael di Capua Books/Scholastic)

"Another laugh-out-loud picture book from Agee...There's plenty to capture children's attention during read-alouds: the exaggerated postures and expressions of Agee's trademark cartoonlike characters; soft-hued, dynamic illustrations that fill the pages; and a fast-moving, dialogue-heavy narrative."

School Library Journal

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(Scallywag Press Ltd, UK, 2022)
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"Jon Agee's My Rhinoceros is a genuine masterpiece. Even better, every kid will love it."

Maurice Sendak

"Jon Agee explores another complex relationship, that of child and pet...the author's matchless humor provides a happy ending that will thrill over and over again."


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Book Award
Parents Choice Silver Award
Newsday Best of 2011
Shortlisted for England's 2023 FCBG Children's Book Award


(2008, Hyperion)
Listen to the song! (Music by the Promise Makers)

"Unforgettable magic. I loved THE RETIRED KID immediately. SYLVESTER AND THE MAGIC PEBBLE come[s] to mind."

The New York Times Book Review

"Another Agee triumph! Children will listen with relish. The story is so laugh-out-loud funny that you may have difficulty getting through it the first time."

School Library Journal

LA Times, Favorite Children's Picture Book of 2008
Amazon Top Ten Picture Books for 2008


(2007, Hyperion)
Listen to the song! (Music by the Promise Makers)

"Whether enjoying this Zen-like book for the wacky conceit or the consumer critique, readers will readily recognize that the emperor has no clothes; this timely parable is certainly "something" worth having."

Starred/ Publishers Weekly

ALA Notable Book
Publishers Weekly, Best Children's Books 2007


(2005, Michael di Capua Books / Hyperion)
Listen to the song! (Music by the Promise Makers)
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"Glass-half empty Eugene is stranded on an island with a parrot: " 'Terrific . . .What good is a parrot?' 'You'd be surprised,' said the parrot." Readers will be surprised, too, for TERRIFIC is one terrific book. Agee uses tone, pacing, and deadpan humor to great effect; his masterful illustrations beg to be shared with a group."

Starred/ The Horn Book

ALA Notable Book
The Horn Book, Fanfare 2005
New York Times Notable Children's Book of 2005
Publishers Weekly, Best Children's Books 2005
Bank Street, Best Children's Books 2005
Child Magazine, Best Children's Books 2005
Chicago Public Library, Best of the Best 2005
Parent's Choice Award Winner for Picture Book
Book Sense, Top Ten Best Children's Books 2005
California Commonwealth Club, Best Juvenile Fiction, 2005
Junior Library Guild Selection
Irma Black Honor Book


(2003, Michael di Capua Books / Hyperion)

"Agee serves up a witty, stylish abecedary that is deceptive in its simplicity . . . a deliciously silly trek homeward as Z crosses paths with some odd creatures in equally odd places. As in many of Agee's books, there's a clever surprise waiting for readers on the final page."

Starred/ Publishers Weekly

"With inventive and delightfully amusing illustrations, Jon Agee turns a simple idea into a wonderful picture book."

Philadelphia Journal Inquirer


By William Steig
(Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2002)

"This irresistible picture book has it all...A sublimely silly and thoroughly satisfying love story."

Starred/ School Library Journal

"Antisentimentalist Steig crafts a screwball Cinderella story about a couple of klutzes... The puckish story-telling and artful compositions have considerable spark."

Publishers Weekly


(2001, Michael di Capua Books / Hyperion)

"An astonishing masterpiece. This droll comedy, both wacky and touching, is perfectly put together. Bravo, Milo!"

Maurice Sendak

"Jon Agee has a hit on his hands. Make room on your shelves for this laugh-out-loud story. A fresh and funny crowd pleaser."

Starred/ School Library Journal

ALA Notable Book
The Horn Book, Fanfare 2002
Publishers Weekly, Best Children's Books 2001
Los Angeles Times, Best Books of 2001
Miami Herald, Top Ten
Newsday, Best Books of the Season
Child Magazine, Best Books of 2001
Parent's Choice, Recommended
Book Magazine, Recommended
Irma Black Honor Book


By Erica Silverman
(1998, Farrar, Straus, Giroux)

"This very funny story is matched by hilarious illustrations in a style reminiscent of New Yorker cartoons. This will be a story hour hit all year round."


"Agee's latest illustrating effort is...great fun... a testament to Agee's comic touch."

Providence Journal-Bulletin

IRA-CBC Children's Choice for 1998
American Bookseller Pick of the Lists


By Tor Seidler
(1997, Michael di Capua Books / HarperCollins)

"A wildly funny story of a newlywed woodchuck couple who find a willful, wailing human toddler and take her into their home and into their hearts."

Starred/ School Library Journal

Finalist for National Book Award, 1997
School Library Journal Best Books 1997
Publishers Weekly Best Books 1997


(1996, Michael di Capua Books / HarperCollins)

"Agee scores again with this utterly engaging tale of interplanetary friendship . . . A charmer."

Kirkus Reviews

"Preschoolers will find this a beguiling picture book, memorable for its expressive illustrations and the mutual affection of the two main characters."


New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year


(1993, Dutton)

"Pranksterism raised to the level of uproarious comedy is the nifty achievement of these ten wonderfully screwball rhymes, which readers complete by lifting the flap built into the accompanying illustration and discovering the nutty surprise within."

Parenting Magazine

"Elegant, lighthearted fun."

Kirkus Reviews

Parenting Magazine, Best Books of 1993


(1992, Farrar, Straus, Giroux)

"Displays to perfection Agee's . . . comedic gifts and considerable artistic talent. A truly grand adventure."

Starred/ School Library Journal

New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year
School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
Parents Choice, Best Books of 1992
Children's Book Council, Best Books of 1992
Bank Street College, Book of the Year


By Dee Lillegard
(1989, Dutton)

"A winning picture book."

Starred/ Kirkus Reviews

"Agee's distinctive pictures are full of lush vegetation and lively detail, and the book's charm is heightened by it's demonstration of imagination's transformative power."

Publishers Weekly


(1985, Farrar, Straus, Giroux)

"Born with his mouth in a downward curve, Ludlow never smiles... But one night, a funny dream coaxes a laugh out of Ludlow while he sleeps... Readers discover...that great things happen to affect Ludlow thereafter and they will give a cheer for the erstwhile churl."

Publishers Weekly

Reading Rainbow Feature Selection


(1983, Pantheon)

"In this lighthearted gem, Ellsworth, a dog, is fired from his post as economics professor for acting on his canine instincts. His worries lead to preposterous nightmares about other occupations until he decides to join a lovely poodle in just being a dog . . . Ellsworth is so full of life in joy or woe that he is irresistible."

School Library Journal


(1982, Pantheon)

"Agee has created an extraordinary visual treat . . . The book unfolds like a lullaby, fine for a winter bedtime story."

Publishers Weekly

"A small-size enchantment."

School Library Journal